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Sensual and elegant, Pan & The Dream’s first volume concerns itself with the naked form.
It is not nudity in and of itself that is interesting, but rather the context and the message which the image carries. Each artist portrays the nude differently, however they all respond to the question of nudity in art and its suppression in the mediatized world.  

The issue weds smart text, brilliant design and arresting imagery in a coming together of new and archival work from esteemed artists and young creatives alike. A statement defying the current wave of commercial puritanism and the mishandling of censorship in social media.

Whether the body is a dreamy representation or a graphic photograph, these images are not always what they appear to be at first glance. 

With a foreword by Nick Knight and perspectives from over 60 artists, it is evident that there is no definitive way to interpret a nude.
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200 pages
Printed in England by Identity Print
on Munken Lynx Rough.
370mm x 280mm
Numbered edition of 1000 copies worldwide